General Purpose AV-Driver

The AV-Driver is a general purpose cable driver for audio and video signals. Primarily for the PC Engine/Turbografx game consoles from NEC which do not have RGB, and in some cases even composite video outputs, that are capable of driving an external monitor.

This is a parasite board. That is, it's intended to be installed inside a game console with connections made directly to the output of the graphics and audio processor chips. It is powered from the console's own power supply. The installation does not normally require any modification to the original circuits. The original video connections may be preserved for practical use or posterity.

The AV-Driver is made up of three independent parts.
The audio channels have a variable attenuator (stereo volume control) and a fixed gain of 17 dB. The video channels feature three attenuation states (1/1 and 1/3 and 1/6) as well as a variable gain (from 1.0 to 4.1 in 0.1 steps). Gain for the video channels is set by solder jumpers which makes the setting precise and repeatable. The sync channel is designed to work without any adjustment.

Jumper settings and technical info


AV Driver for Arcade RGB 'Supergun'

AV Driver for PC Engine/Turbografx16 (soon)

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