VGA To SCART Adapter

Useful for connecting na emulation computer to a television set or monitor. This device makes the VGA signal electrically compatible with SCART. The video timing must already be 15 khz, this adapter does not change the video timing.


  • Combines horizontal/vertical sync (of any polarity) with a XOR gate to make composite sync.
  • Accepts TTL composite sync through the VGA input.
  • Generates SCART status signals that put the TV into RGB mode when a valid sync signal is detected.
  • May be powered from via the VGA cable or via a separate DC barrel connector.
  • Aspect ratio selection (requires soldering a switch in place)
  • Blocks sync signals that are out of range (useful when connecting old arcade monitors).


Requires VGA and 3.5mm audio cables. If the VGA port supplies power (most do) it will use this, otherwese a 5V DR power source is required. A a USB power cable available to fit the DC barrel connector (O.D. 3.5mm, I.D. 1.3mm). The sync signal range blocker feature can be disabled by closing solder jumper J1.


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Price: AU$49.00