JAMMA-Prog kit

JAMMA-Prog is a adapter to connect game controller boards to an arcade machine JAMMA harness.


  • Supports mult-console fighting boards such as Brook Fighting Board series, PS360+.
  • Support for game pad hacks.
  • Cannects to JAMMA, Neo Geo, and Chinese JAMMA (6 fire buttons without kick harness).
  • Fully programmable via jumper cables - map any controller function to any button/joystick.
  • Supplied with PCB feet and a pair of 20 pin ribbon cables.
  • Connects directly to the SCART2ARC30 RGB/audio amplifier board.

This product is supplied as an unassembled kit. It requires soldering to assemble.

Further information about this product is here, including installation and assembly guides.

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Price: AU$38.00