SCART2ARC30 board

This is an RGB video and audio amplifier designed specially for connecting a game console to a JAMMA/Neo Geo arcade machine. This board can be used in conjunction with the JAMMA-Prog board for a JAMMA/Neo Geo card edge connection. Board size is 120*112mm.


  • Powerful 6W per channel, stereo audio amplifier. Supports three speaker configurations: JAMMA mono, MVS (3 wire) stereo, direct connection via screw terminals.
  • Separate line level audio input and output 3.5mm connections.
  • High slew rate video amplifier which contains a DC restoration circuit.
  • Video gain fixed at 5.5 (output 3.9 Vpp with 0.2 volts DC offset).
  • Sync separator.
  • Protection from sync signal above standard greater than 15.7 kHz (can be disabled).
  • Has resistors to load the 5V power rail and stabilise old power supplies.


  • SCART2ARC30 assembled board
  • A 150mm long cable for header J8 (power/speaker)
  • A 200mm cable for header J2 (video output)
  • Four PCB feet and screws

The instructions can be found here.

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