The 2600RGB is out of stock and is no longer economically viable to manufacture in its current form. It is due for a resdesign, but I currently don't have an estimate on when it will be ready.

2600RGB kit

2600RGB kit


  • 2600RGB board V1.0
  • IC socket, A/V connectors, pin and socket strip, switching regulator, etc.
  • Mini pushbutton for palette selection/extra features.
  • Suitable adapter board if required by your console choice.

The PAL and NTSC Six Switch versions each come with thier own adapter board. The Junior version comes with a flex adapter. 

For more information and installation instructions see

This product is also available from my US distributor.

Supported consoles

Atari 2600 Six Switch PAL
Adapter board #1 supplied.

Atari 2600 Six Switch NTSC
Adapter board #3 supplied.

Atari 2600 Four Switch (Woody and Vader)

Atari 2600 Junior
Flex adapter supplied.

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