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N64RGB board (US distributor)

N64RGB board. Hardware version 3.0, firmware version 3.0.

Solder in board which adds RGB video support to the Nintendo 64 console.

  • Compatible with all models of Nintendo 64, new or old, PAL or NTSC.
  • Works with all Super Nintendo and Gamecube RGB cables as well as RAD2X and HD Retrovision cables.
  • Outputs RGB or component video (jumper selectable).
  • Resistor video DAC with regulated power supply for low noise.
  • De-blur feature sharpens the video signal.
  • De-blur feature can be toggled with an external switch or enabled via a controller button combination.
  • In game reset, activiated via a controller button combination.
  • LED data monitor makes it easier to troubleshoot faulty installations.

The board is supplied with a 1.27mm pitch ribon cable (300mm long) and a fine pitch DAC adapter.

Some of the later models of Nintendo 64 require an adapter for its fine pitch DAC chip (MAV-NUS or AVDC-NUS). The fine pitch DAC adapter is included with all N64RGB boards sold from the US distributor.

Installation instructions at http://etim.net.au/n64rgb

This product is for United States residents only - ships from NESRGB distributor in Ohio.


Price: AU$70.00