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This is the new version of NESRGB kit. Changes were necessary as some parts are currently unavailable due to the semiconductor shortage. Version 3 is functionally identical to version 2 except that it can hold only one palette instead of three.


  • NESRGB board V3.0
  • IC socket, connectors, pin and socket strip.
  • Suitable adapter board if required by your console choice.

The Original Famicom version of the kit also features changing palettes via the controller, low noise audio mixing circuit, simulated stereo audio, switching power supply.

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Supported consoles

NES Front Loader
NES Front Loader

NES2 and AV Famicom
NES 2 and AV Famicom
Adapter board #1 supplied.

Sharp Famicom Twin
Sharp Famicom Twin
Adapter board #2 supplied.

Original Famicom
Original Famicom
Adapter board #3 supplied.
Power/Audio board supplied.



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