Automatic RGB SCART Switch.


  • Four RGB SCART inputs.
  • RGB video and audio driver amplifier on outputs.
  • Two 8 pin Mini-DIN ouputs that operate simultaniously.
  • Compatible with the Micomsoft Framemeister electrically and mechanically.
  • Suitable for other scalers such an the OSSC as well as CRT televisions sets.
  • Switch will lock to first input or prioritise inputs by rank (selecable by internal switch).
  • Option to use internal sync separator (enable from internal switch).
  • Powered by Mini USB connection.
  • Size 142.5 x 82.5 x 25.5mm - fits in your pocket.

Comes with some double sided for mounting to a flat surface. No power supply or cables are included.

The output connectors are compatible with the SCART Cable Set for NESRGB which requires some assembly. A ready made 8p Mini-DIN to SCART cable is available from Retro Gaming Cables (UK) or Retro Access (USA).

There is a Framemeister Cable Set availabe. The Framemeister can power the SCARTMUX, so no external power supply is required.

A good quality USB phone charger with a Mini-USB cable is suitable for a power supply.

More information and instructions here.

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Price: AU$125.00