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Brook Retro Board

This is a multi-console controller interface board, designed primarily for DIY arcade fight sticks. Also compatible with the JAMMAPROG arcade interface board.


  • Automatic console detection
  • Direction inputs emulates the analog stick (in RS/LS mode) if applicable
  • Turbo rapid fire
  • Optional LED connection for console mode indication
  • High performance with very low lag

Supports most older game consols such as:

Each console requires an RJ45 adapter cable. Click on the liks above to go to respective adapter cable product page.

A patch cable goes between the Retro Board and the console adapter cable. Short and long patch cables are available. If you supply your own, unshielded (UTP) cables are suitable for short lengths of two metres or less. For lengths between two and five metres a shielded cable which has separately shielded pairs (SFTP) is recommended for reliable operation.

Download the instruction manual.


Price: AU$80.00