New Products 2020


Four input, automatic, RGB audio/video switch box. The video signal on the composite/sync input is used for detection, not the SCART switching signals as they are sometimes missing. Powered by mini-USB. Output is a mini-din 8 pin connection. compatible with the Micomsoft Framemeister. A mini-din to SCART cable will be available separately.

SUPATT - Supergun Attenuator

RGB video and audio attenuator for arcade game PCB. Digitally adjusted attenuator. Video input range 1.4-5.2 Vpp. Mono speaker, stereo speaker (Neo Geo), and line level audio input. SCART and (15 KHz) VGA output. Does not load the original signals.

Suitable for connecting video capture device to an arcade machine to or improving an existing supergun design that uses resistors/potentiometers for attenuation.

SCART2ARC30 - Arcade Driver
(SCART to JAMMA Adapter Version 3)

RGB video and audio amplifier for connecting a game console to a JAMMA arcade machine.
  • Powerful 6 watt stereo audio amplifier. Supports JAMMA mono, MVS (3 wire) stereo, screw terminals.
  • Separate line level audio input and output 3.5mm connections.
  • High slew rate video amplifier which contains a DC restoration circuit.
  • Gain fixed at 5.5 (output 3.9 Vpp with 0.2 volts DC offset).
  • Sync separator.
  • Protection from sync signal >15 KHz (can be disabled).
(SCART to JAMMA Adapter Version 3)

Low cost adapter board to convert various controller interface boards to JAMMA arcade standard. Fully programmable via jumper wires. Sold as a kit to of parts, requires assembly.

  • Support for up to 6 buttons on the JAMMA harness
  • Two kick harness headers, CPS2 and a generic 8 pin header.
  • Two extra buttons on the board itself.
  • 20 pin header directly mates with Brook Fighting series such as (Universal Fighting Board, Retro Board, etc)
  • Optional trigger inverter circuit for pad/stick hacks which have analog trigger inputs.
The photo shows what is included in the kit, terminal blocks are optional. The PCB in the photo has solder plating but the production version will have and ENIG (electroless nickel) finish.

Here's a couple of photos to demonstrate a typical use case. A pair of Xbox 360 controller interface boards are connected to the JAMMAPROG in combination with the Arcade Driver board makes an Xbox 360 to JAMMA Adapter. Click to enlarge.


VGA to SCART adapter. Suitable for connecting an emulator computer to a SCART television or switch box.

  • Small size.
  • Powered by the VGA cable or USB to DC barrel cable if VGA power is not available.
  • Stereo audio input by 3.5mm socket.
  • Supports composite sync or separate horizontal and vertical sync of any polarity.
  • Protection from sync signal >15 KHz (can be disabled with a solder jumper).
  • Correctly generates SCART switching signals (pins 8 and 16) which put CRT into RGB mode when signal is active.
  • External aspect ratio switch can be fitted (requires soldering).

Last updated 13/2/2020.

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