Postage Rates and Times

Orders that contain only small, flat items (marked with [FLAT]) and weigh less that 40 grams may be sent in a padded envelope by Australia Post Economy Air International Letter. Previously, this service was as fast as the economy parcel service below. Now it takes about 2 weeks longer for all countries. 

Update: Due to the extreme slowness of this service recently, I will no longer offer International Letter as an option.

Postage Zone Less than 40g
Australia $5
All countries except Brazil, Canada, Russia, Mexico  $5

Orders that are too large for a padded envelope (except those from Brazil, Canada, Russia, Mexico) are sent by Australia Post Economy Air International Parcel. There is no useful tracking with this service, please just wait patiently for your package to arrive.

Delivery to the USA takes 1-4 weeks with 2 weeks being typical. Unfortunately it can sometimes take 4 weeks but this is rare. 

Europe takes 1-2 weeks.

Japan, HK, Singapore and New Zealand takes less than a week usually.

The rates are in the table below. They are just for reference, the shopping system will calculate the exact postage for your order based on what is in the cart. The currency is Australian Dollars.

Postage Zone 0.5kg 1.0kg 1.5kg 2.0kg
0. Australia $9 $15 $20 $20
1. New Zealand only  $13 $26 $32 $37
2. China only $15 $31 $46 $59
3. Asia $16 $32 $49 $61
4. USA $18 $36 $49 $62
5. Pacific $18 $36 $49 $62
6. UK, Ireland only $22 $38 $51 $64
7. Europe $24 $40 $53 $67
8. Europe/others $24 $49 $70 $94
9. Rest of World $25 $52 $75 $100
  • Zone 3 includes Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.
  • Zone 5 includes Pakistan, Philippines.
  • Zone 7 includes France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.
  • Zone 8 includes Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine.

All orders from Brazil, Canada, Russia, Mexico are sent by Australia Post - Standard International because these countries have an unreliable postal service. Brazil is 4 weeks typical. Mexico is very slow, about 6 weeks.

Postage Zone 0.5kg 1.0kg 1.5kg 2.0kg
Canada $26 $44 $56 $69
Brazil, Russia, Mexico  $31 $57 $78 $102

‚ÄčOrders of NESRGB kits, 2600RGB kits and accessories from the US distributor are sent by USPS First Class Mail (3-5 days typical).

Postage Zone All weight
USA states and territories only  $7

Last updated 8/6/2017. All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD).