Cable Adapter (SCART) - Assembly guide.

1. Cable adapter kit contains: SCART plug, PCB, 1k resistor, red LED, Mini-DIN 8p socket, 3.5mm jack socket, boost converter board, pin header.

2. Open the plastic connector shell. Notice that one half of the shell has five plastic tabs protruding. Make a cut into the plastic here, right after the first tab.

3. Make a second cut before the last tab.

4. Remove the plastic between the two previous cuts.

5. Use a file to clean up if necessary.

6. Place the PCB and connector pin block into position. Apply slight downward force with index finger so the PCB is at a slight angle relative to the connector block.

7. Solder only pins 2 and 20 then remove PCB from the shell.

8. Check that there is a slight angle, the PCB slants a couple of degrees toward the fingers in the picture. If it is straight or has too much angle, melt the solder again and adjust.

9. Put the PCB back into the shell and close it completely. The shell should snap together with no gaps around the pin block. If it does not fit correctly go back to step 8.

10. Remove the PCB again and finish soldering the SCART pin block as well as the the remaining components and connectors. The red LED must be soldered in the right way around. The cathode (K) has the shorter leg and flat side. If your kit was supplied with a boost converter board, break apart the pin header into four parts and solder it into place.

11. Fit everything back into the shell.

12. Close shell, screw on end cap, done.